Rates, Dues, and Initiation Fees

There are two costs associated with club membership: Monthly Dues and Hourly Rates for aircraft use.

Hourly Rates: Cherokee: $100/tach hr wet, Skylane 182: $120/tach hr wet
These are costs incurred directly from operating the aircraft, based on Tach Time.  Please note, these rates INCLUDE the following:

  • Fuel Costs – Home field AND while traveling
  • Aircraft Rental – Based on hourly rates the plane is flown
  • Regular FAA Recommended Maintenance Inspections based on hours the aircraft are flown
  • Engine Overhaul and Airframe Maintenance Reserves
  • No Overnight/Minimum Trip Charges

Monthly Dues: $100 per month, due the 1st of every month
These pay for fixed Aircraft & Administrative Costs (taxes, fees, etc.), that must be paid regardless of how much the aircraft are flown.  Other items included such as:

  • Annual Maintenance Inspections on the Aircraft
  • Hangar Rentals for each Club Aircraft
  • Your Portion of Insurance on the Aircraft

Joining Fee: $1,000.00
Currently the one-time joining fee for the Chuckanut Flying Club is $1,000.00.  This is due upon application for membership, NOT as a requisite for an Introductory Flight or Lesson.

The Cost of Flying: The Competitive Advantage/Value Proposition of a Flying Club
Please see the Membership page for reasons why Chuckanut Flying Club Membership makes sense for so many people, and may for you!

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